Most Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance: Poll

President Donald Trump (Photo: White House)

WASHINGTON- More than half of registered American voters disapprove of President Donald Trump’s job performance after twelve weeks into office, according to a poll released on Friday.

The Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking poll said that 52 percent of the respondents said Trump is doing a good job compared with 48 percent who said they are pleased with his performance. A Marist poll also released Friday said that only 39 percent of registered voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.

The Rasmussen sampling included 1,500 respondents and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. The Marist sampling included 1,069 respondents and also has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

The surveys coincide with heightened international tensions.

North Korea has threatened to test a nuclear missile on Saturday to honor the birthday of the regime’s founder Kim-Il-Sung.

The Trump Administration is said to be preparing for a retaliatory cruise missile strike against North Korean missile sites should the test go forward.

Reports emerged early Friday that the Pentagon has placed U.S. warships within striking distance of those targets.

Pyongyang has said the nuclear war may be imminent.

Syria also is source of major contention following President Trump’s decision last week to attack a Syrian air force base that was used to store chemical weapons used in a recent attack that killed nearly 100 civilians.

The U.S. has warned Syrian dictator Bashar-al-Assad that additional airstrikes may follow if chemical weapons are again used.

The new administration continues to face scrutiny over Congressional investigations into  Russian election interference and allegations that members of the Trump campaign colluded with high-ranking Russian officials.


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